Wireless portable mini waterproof card subwoofer

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【technical parameter】

Speaker type: leather changeable portable portable bluetooth speaker
Adjustment method: button

● Output power: 5W
● External magnetic speaker: 4Ω5W
● External magnetic horn: 4Ω 5W 52 sides 45 tape, secondary magnetic 16 cores, empty tape booster
● Battery capacity: 1500MA double protection board
● Separation: ≥90dB
● Signal to noise ratio: ≥80dB
● Working voltage: DC 5V
●Solution: Jerry Bluetooth version 5.0
●Playing time: 8 hours "Volume adjustment at 70%"
●Charging time: 4

●Built-in Bluetooth wireless transmission, hands-free function for incoming calls
●Stereo audio transmission protocol
●Support U play
●Support playing MP3 songs stored in TF card
●Support all audio input of external 3.5mm terminal
●Series 1+1
●Support rechargeable
●Sound with boost
●FM function

●Portable belt bare metal size: 81*81*116mm

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