Rotary dashboard car phone holder

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The universal panel phone clip holder holds smartphones just above the panel by a simple clip. Ensures clear front driving vision without obscuring any view for 100% safe driving
Enjoy driving, using GPS, listening to calls / music without looking away from the frontal views. You can also adjust the angle by placing it in landscape / portrait with a non-slip feature for perfect and stable viewing position.  


Excellent viewing position and safe driving - Attaches to the dashboard and works as well as the HUD system to keep your eyes aligned with the road without obscuring driving vision.
Adjustable Viewing Angle - Attach the car smartphone holder to the dashboard and adjust the angle up to 120 degrees.
Stable and Non-Slip - Double curved base design, alligator-tooth protective non-slip silicone design allows phones to be securely attached to the clip.
Scratch protection - Do not scratch your phone and instrument panel due to the soft, non-slip silicone clip pad.
Large Flexible Clip - Compatible with all smartphones, even with thick cases.
Quick and easy installation - Simply attach to the edge of the panel and put the phone in a few seconds. No extra tools are required.
Universal size - Clip fits all mobile phones such as Samsung, iPhone, etc. and other GPS devices, etc. and other GPS devices with 3.5 "-6.5". For depth of cut, it fits on all panels with extended depth of over 2.75 inches.
Durable and heat resistant material - Heat resistant from -20 ° C to 90 ° C is not easy to deform


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