Octopus Snake Shaped Mobile Phone Holder

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The phone holder holds on to all substrates, surfaces and materials despite its maximum flexibility. Due to its flexibility, it adapts optimally to all objects and "clings" to them.
The phone holder provides a stable hold and smooth shots! Even on objects where a Gorilla pod or tripod fails.
The phone holder finds its place everywhere, whether at the goal post, barbell bar or net pillar.
It could bluetooth remote control.

Step 1 : Turn the switch on the side of the remote control - off to on .
Step 2: Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings.
Step 3: Connect to the device " AB Shutter3 ". This is the name of the Bluetooth remote control.
Step 4: Now go into the camera mode of your mobile phone. Here you select now the desired format - photo or video.
Step 5: And now you're ready to go ! Click on the button corresponding to your mobile phone type to trigger the photo or start the video. If you're making a video, end the recording with a second click on the same button. 


Weight: 120 g
Length: 42 cm
Color: show as pictures 

Package Content:

1 x Phone Holder 



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