New T61 solar wireless speakers continue 60H environmental friendly solar Bluetooth speakers

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ES-T61 outdoor solar speakers: 1. exclusive patent: utility model patents and appearance patents, dual patented products. 

 2. super solar energy experience: sunlight recharge for 10 minutes, play music for half an hour, enjoy music no limit! (This data is the measured data of the raw land of the product, the actual use of the region, season, sunlight intensity, volume size will be deviated) 

 3. Super endurance: Extra long endurance of up to 60H, no worries about enjoyment (laboratory data, actual use will be biased). 

 4. mobile power: the product comes with the mobile battery source function interface, and there is no worry about mobile phone charging.

 5. outdoor three protection: water splashing, anti falling, dust-proof. 

 6. Complete Function: The unique Bluetooth speaker with LED lamp function, with lighting, flash, SOS function, product with climbing buckle rope, designed for outdoor sports.

 7. fashion appearance: the design is steady and fashionable, giving people a sense of thick and solid, which is in line with the needs of outdoor people. 

 8. Convenient riding: Standard magic sticker to facilitate the product to be fixed on the riding equipment at will, optional accessories bicycle bracket. 

 9. convenient donkey: the product is equipped with 1 mountaineering buttons. 

 10. adapt to the crowd: outdoor sports, riding a group.

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